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Friday, 13 June 2014

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

 Pharmaceutical manufacturing can be define as manufacturing process simply a process how to prepare a pharmaceutical dosage forms with the guideline requirements.

If you are in the production you have a simple documented pre written procedure to follow. You need to insure that every step is performed as it written in document. I still remember the first day when I interred in pharmaceutical industry I was a student and inter as a trainee I met a nice person who told me that pharmaceutical manufacturing is procedure little like we prepare food in kitchen just need to maintain document, hygiene and guideline but always keep in mind food give energy and drug give life. If you are preparing a drug you are going to heal some once pain, so it’s your responsibility to prepare in proper way. So you thinking about pharmaceutical manufacturing don’t destroy the thought keep thinking ill help you.

In the manufacturing you can be an operator, chemist, executive, manager, plant head, and you easily inter in to product management team, FR&D, TT, etc. ahhhh how can I forget the most important thing money in the manufacturing any one can easily earn from 7000 to 500000 to 700000 or above its all depend in your education, abilities, and talent.

Different different dosage forms having different procedures of manufacturing hence it provide much option tablet is the most popular and useful dosage form it provide much opportunities as compare to other but injectable, liquids, semi solids, powders also having good opportunities and money. Cosmetic is also nice field to build career many cosmetic industries looking for good skilled pharmaceutical persons with a lot of money and other facilities from last few years we are looking a drawstring change in cosmetic industries here is a lot of opportunities in powders, shampoos, and In last but not in the least  semi solids, aerosols etc. 

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